What was the last noble thing you did?

What was the last noble thing you did?

My Answer: I hope this is included in the Fraze Noble now :), If so then it was this morning when my wife was in a hurry to work and so I made her coffee and  a double sandwich to go 😉


8 thoughts on “What was the last noble thing you did?

  1. We have a christmas party at work every year. The bosses girlfriend wiggled her way into the firm. She’s … massively annoying despite my efforts to understand her, we don’t click all that well.

    We have a christmas grab bag. Everyone’s name gets put into it and we chose one person to buy a gift for. I suggested putting her name in it. Everyone said no, they don’t like her. Yah… well… it’s still christmas.

    This week I bought her a glass ornament with the hand painted bird on it for her home state for her tree to exchange with her during the gift exchange.

    Others in the office were like, “all the times she rolled her eyes at you, huffed, gave you a hard time”? Yup. Because that’s her problem and yes it was frustrating but it doesn’t mean to be unkind.

      • Thank you 🙂 I try my best to do what I feel is right, and sometimes this is not the popular decision. I gotta do, what I gotta do.

        Whatever our differences are and there are many, she works hard and she’s a human being… has feelings just like me and you.

        I do, however, reserve the right to be annoyed with her though. lol

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