Why is it hard to admit to a mistake?

Why is it hard to admit to a mistake?

My Answer: I do most of the time admit to my mistakes this days, but to reply the question I would say compare it to smelling like a old shoe and who would like that?? -lol-


11 thoughts on “Why is it hard to admit to a mistake?

  1. I think more often that people don’t know how to explain something that may embarrass or be a matter of pride. I do not have trouble admitting mistakes at this stage in life I don’t get embarrassed by them very often. I find laughing at my mistakes brings my humanity to the surface to share with others.
    A good one Stefan and I like your “smelling an old shoe” comparison… LOL 😀

    • I just thought of something more as you said this dear Raven, Perhaps it are that we are more stubborn when we are young as I do recall that when I was younger I was very very Stubborn….but I do also think it depend a lot on what kind of life we have….but then again it can just be at an random -lol-
      And I think its a great thing to be able to laugh at the mistakes 🙂

  2. Because mistakes have this stigma of being “wrong” and we’re berated at times for being “wrong”. Go all the way back to school where you got that big “F” on something.

    If we’ve made a mistake and tried to rectify it, say as a child, and you’re punished for it … we take that lesson (and many others) and the truth becomes irrelevant because we not like up making a mistake with punishment. So, we hide from the truth because we don’t want to get into trouble, much less do we want to admit we’re “wrong”.

    Depends on people’s experiences with making a mistake and how those mistakes were treated throughout life.

    I could go on for “days” about this…

    • Yes Indeed there are many reasons and for different reasons….
      I still compare it to an old shoe though myself -lol- 😉
      as to be wrong is hard to capture as we do so believe in our mistakes at the time of the mistake but am glad that most of the time I myself realize my mistakes and can apologies for them 🙂

      • Yes. I do my best to take responsibility for my mistakes as well and apologize and we move forward from there.

        You know what’s interesting we call lifes “experiences” mistakes a lot. At least I do… who made that so? Know what I mean? We had an experience, we call it a mistake. Why is it not simply a life experience and not a mistake? ooooh… that’s a good question!

        I think, I just intrigued myself. LOL

        • oh but I think its both my friend as we learn from our mistakes too and yea a mistake are a life experience as a mistake do indeed go in the family name of experience…..and why its called what it are called are just how we see it fit I guess… 🙂

          • I know it’s a play on words 🙂 I hear what you’re saying but it just occurred to me how we “view” things like this. How we think… maybe instead of mistake we can call it a “boo boo”. hahaha!

            Boo boo’s heal, mistakes seem to fester and make us feel bad. Well, now that I’m thinking about it, lessons learned by the things we do heal too.

            Oh and good morning to Mrs. Stefan 🙂

            • -lol- well it depend on how grave of a mistake I’ll guess 😉
              but yes I do see what you mean.

              She at work right now but I know she do appreciate your good morning words 🙂

              Have a great day now.

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