This ain’t a Crusade And Just My Opinion ;)

So I made an reply on a friends blog and after I had done that I thought I should post it as a New blog here as I thought the words was good enough for a post of its own…you may not agree but for me it is the right way to post this….and here it are:

For me religion are a bad thing…. and whatever God one choice to believe in are to me of little importance as in my view the goodness of a person taken from within the self is what really mean something in the end….Religion are just a cause of War and no matter what group or creed it is that no one ever agree with each other, And if a God pure and made with love surely this God would agree with me on that the only true love can come from within our own hearts and no words can learn you that ever… in my opinion most people in a Religion expect something in return in the after…..but then their love ain’t pure as love should always come without expectation and love is given just as hate are given by our own self and that is in my opinion the ultimate truth and I have always hated when people use the classic words of The Devil Made Me Do It or That We Do It In The Name Of God…..Seriously…The Devil Or The God have nothing to do with what we ourselves do…and I’ll guess that in the end it will show who the righteous ones and who is not and so let it be done :)

Just my take on it.


12 thoughts on “This ain’t a Crusade And Just My Opinion ;)

  1. I think religion or not, we all ‘expect something.’ Would you be good to your friends if u didnt expect them to be good back? Have you ever said the phrase, ‘u owe me one’ or ‘return the favour’? We all expect things for our actions, and a world without consequence would see us all behaving very differently than we do now!

    I think u have a naive view of religion!

    • As I said in the title this are not a crusade but just my opinion as yours are yours.
      And by the way I never expected anything in return and believe me when I say that I have met bad and good friends through my life and the good ones do not expect anything either….plus I can’t recall that I ever said you owe me in any serious conversation. so yea maybe I am naive or maybe I am just a good person…..I do not know and it do not matter but the point I made in my post is still the way I see it 🙂

  2. Well said. I agree with you. And I totally believe in goodness. That’s what makes us human. Religion should be something to learn from. It is not meant to be taken to extreme levels. It should not define us. 🙂

    I everyday, hope that people learn tolerance and be good instead. It always comes down to our choices, ultimately. Choose to be good. 🙂

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