Where do you find strength?

Where do you find strength?

My Answer: With my wife would be my first choice now, but when I was alone I found it in my hope but also in my will to live even when in darkest thoughts…..But my wife came at the right time though as with her came life and light 🙂


13 thoughts on “Where do you find strength?

  1. …to choose life above death in spite of darkness, loneliness and pain is something worth admiring, it holds the strength in itself and there are not many who would do the right choice…
    To know that there are others who suffer is not a comfort enough….but those who have the strength to go on despite the seatbacks in life are the real example…

  2. This is a VERY good question. I guess … most of my strength I draw from within and it’s helped by friends when I’m down and need a pick me up or support… I”m not sure how to answer this question exactly.

    Sometimes just reading something someone else has shared from their lives is very uplifting to me because I don’t feel alone. Know waht I mean?

    • Yes I do…..Words can indeed make us feel less alone plus one more thing….Imagination if not to much of it so it take over can be good as well at time of loneliness…anyhow you are not alone friend.

      Wishing you a great night….

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