Just a Little Update For SteXen Arts Page

There is a New Link In The SteXen Arts Section On My blog as the old one did allow to little space and It are the Current Page still going through a bit cosmetic and under construction though but the New Link are there if you wish to know 🙂

I Do Think it is a better alternative plus that my love and I are already familiar with WordPress and so we Uploaded SteXen Arts Unto another host and used WordPress as the choice as it will be easy to get the images up and as our new host quite without to much limit we can get the images of our art up for show and all the other stuff needed to get SteXen Arts started plus that it will be so much more easy now….:)

Have A Nice Day.

This is a new update to this post and I just want to say that I deleted the old page link from SteXen Arts Now So now only the new link are in there 🙂 ,Been working on the cosmetic look all day 😛 but finally I think I got the look of the SteXen Arts Page but there are still some more work needed to links and uploads of images to show our art….the page will have more in the future and will hopefully grow with time….Thats all I had to say 🙂 and wishes of a great Evening to you all.


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