The Pyramid Of Illusion

~The Pyramid of Illusion~

Within there a paragraph laid dormant
and fiction pulled as a cover unto a world of imagination
and as the lizard its grip hold us true
of the war creation made holy
on broken glass
The spear through the willow of time
in what may seam as good or bad
in the treads of some god
and fanatic wilderness
blessed by restriction
To each reaction laid out fingers for slapping
and in acceptance of some overlord
as its castle grow on the bodies of the dead
in reflection of the power
the lie of all time
Like the pyramid forged steel
in the eyes who see nothing but gold
in satanic rites
made and created behind the cross
and none to behold
Wake up and find this key of deception
for human kind
and behind the wall of the illusion
the very heart of the life
we only ever knew in our dreams…

The Poet Stefan


6 thoughts on “The Pyramid Of Illusion

  1. “in Satanic rites
    made and created behind the cross”
    Isn’t that a profound statement my friend. A powerful poem from the heart!!!
    Love it,

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