Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

~Water Down The Drain~


Like the water escape
a reminder of time
to not waste away
upon hatred
as love the power to the fragile heart
the comfort
when the cold winds blows
in awareness of death
As when we at the end bid our farewell
to hold no knife in regret
knowing the love of forever after
the true savior
all released from pain
as tears replaced with glory
to steep beyond the border
with true hearts….

The Poet Stefan


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. I’m curious about the way that you compose your poems. David Bowie explained once that when composing lyrics he would write things down, then cut lines into strips and then arrange and re-arrange until he had made a song.

    • When I compose a poem it are usually by some inspiration of the day but how I compose is in the way of keeping to a number of lines (rows)
      and it always depend on how much rows the first part of the poem include and then I keep to that amount of rows in the second part and so on plus that the words actually just come to me as I’m scrabbling the words down…they seam to follow in auto writing in some way….

      But when I have written lyrics for a song it usually are more on some subject and then to place some cool chourus and some steep in somewhere in the lyrics…as music is written to sound it somehow are different to poetry…..but now when I soon get my 16 channel studio I have thought that I might try to make my music to some poetry instead …but with a few changes.

      Have a very nice evening.

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