Revolution Earth

~Revolution Earth~

That spear thrown through the heart of mortality
sending the fear that created anger
and the armies an axe
for the cause provoked
by the kings and the crown
And aggravation always created in the hand of greed
as peace ripped from the heart of the good
whom yearned an open world
free from the power and might of lies
made in images of gold
Its been the circle of time through ages
but in some way time have begun to catch up
to where them behind the curse thrown down forevermore
leaving the flowers to finally bloom
to show its beautiful colors
The stand of now soon to be revealed
in the eye with angels wings
its revelation revealed
blinded by the lies
the big bang the path of love
In the garden to where you can pick
without worry
where no master to steal your life
in where you own your own
free will in freedom and in love

The Poet Stefan


10 thoughts on “Revolution Earth

  1. I often have felt there is a garden in my mind others may not see but for me it is a sanctuary.
    Love this poem my friend of deep thoughts 😀

  2. This is one of your finest pieces of poetry Stefan and I have read so many of your great works, you are a true poet with a vast knowledge of the written word, and I value your excellence my great friend…

    Be well Stefan and your
    darling love sweet Eclipse…


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