Creation (Poem And an Update)


Where magic lay almost everything is possible
to create beauty to the eye and mind
and within this vein the flow
of worlds imagination made real
look to behold the creator
within the creation
On this timelines we sail
in different capture
yet with the same meaning
that for us mean the life we live
laid out from our own hands
this dance of created angels & demons
And to our last breath
the wish of the impossible
that no matter what
life can not be bought
neither true love
so it live in the balance of our sanity and heart…

The Poet Stefan

I Now have a Second blog that you can find by clicking here and it will have a poem posted each week (unless I am on a vacation -lol-) and no it will not be the same poetry as I am posting here…so keep your eyes open and enjoy πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Creation (Poem And an Update)

  1. The first line sets the tone of the poem perfectly. The line “this dance of created angels & demons” is superb. Great poem Stefan. I would like to know what inspired/triggered this poem.

    • The inspiration came to me while I was creating my other blog and then I begun to think that we create images and life from really nothing and then this poem just came to me…..
      And thank you for your nice comment friend.

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