En Kungens Man

A Cover Song Of Michael Wiehe’s song “En Kungens Man” – Because it was requested by my wife that I should record it again :)….so this is for you my love, And everyone else enjoy or not 🙂



10 thoughts on “En Kungens Man

  1. It is a lovely melodic tune and your voice is pleasing to the ears also! She is a good wife to encourage you for you did very well my friend. I think it would not be so good in English.
    This reminds me of a tune “Hoppípolla”, Icelandic for “Jumping into puddles” that has a lovely sound in its native language. I do not understand the launguage but I feel the emotion 😀
    Well done!

    • Thank you dear Lady,Yes she really nagged about me doing this song -lol- And I do love her very much.

      Very nice feeling in that tune…though musically they are lightyears ahead of me…..
      but thank you for liking it 🙂

  2. Since I haven’t chance to an “official” Thank You (<3 <3) until now….Here it is 🙂 …. I know I was nagging about that song for a long time and that was the only way to get rid of me 🙂
    You've done it so well love, that is a wonderful cover of the song with so good and heartfelt lyrics….too bad that he never did an English version…maybe something to think about? Yet, it is never easy to obtain the same sense and the real impression as the original language…
    Anyway….I loved it….and you know that already…..sooo well 🙂

    • My pleasure darling and yes I do so agre with you that this song could not be translated with the same emotion and tone as it bring in Swedish and so I would not even try….:)
      Thank you love….kiss kiss kiss….

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