Don’t Waste Your Life Away With Blind Eyes

~Don’t Waste Your Life Away With Blind Eyes~

We all know the reality of time
but why fall into darkness
as nothing will ever change that
take in the time of now
live it in light
Beauty is all arround us
when we open our eyes
and you just have to look away from the bricks
of the city to feel
life running through its core
A note to them who are blinded
by the city and its will of natural disaster
go out into a large wood and listen
look arround you
as this is life
To long in  the wasteland of lies
and money ain’t everything
and for many years darkness filled my own view
not because of money but because of the concrete
and without love
Love is a huge part to lead the way
to fantastic views
we are blinded to nature
when all we are feeded is the city media world
and life are not the city
Take a walk through the deep woods
spend some time with life
bread again
and look at the world as it are supposed to be
full of life that will make time of less importance
For one moment can mean a million years
where beauty held
where the heart open and bleeding
in the grace of nature
and love..

The Poet Stefan


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