In The Arms Of Madness

~In The Arms Of Madness~

One thing clear as day
that whatever it is
we all know the bitter taste
when the mind dwell to deep
and as known through ages
the killer from within
And we look away
again and again
holding on to the line
of life from the looking-glass of death
familiar grounds nailed to
the dirt this earth
Unto whom the Sacrify  matter
the bloody tears in hollow halls
were left an echo
from the unforgiven shadows
lost in the forgotten
Like the cold rain falling
for a moment then lost to the rays of the sun
Vaporizing like it never ever was
just like the dark keep its secrets
locked away
The incarnation upon the mountain of the dead
nothing but the reality behind the fiction
where evil or good but a concept
of little meaning
where this thy kingdom
of madness….

The Poet Stefan


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