2 New Updates….

As the old English SteXen Arts Site was not up to beat….we now have  the English site at this url https://stexenartshb.wordpress.com/

And The Old Tea Break Forum was no fun so here is a new one on a new database http://stexenarts.x10.bz/index.php

Know though that the SteXen Arts HB site are under construction and Tea Break still might need some cosmetics 🙂

oh and I did delete my other WP on the other server now.


8 thoughts on “2 New Updates….

        • Oh but the one I posted the link to above are forSteXen Arts….we have one in Swedish and one in English….This WP I am speaking with you on right now is my personal poetry and words site….I had another poetry WP before but that site was so slow so I closed that one down…..This is the WP I am using for my personal and SteXen Arts is our sell site for our art….:) I hope this cleared it up for you my friend -smiles-

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