Moving my poetry To Here

Since my other place are down a lot I’m moving my poetry from there to here…..and I think I’m going to close that other one down…SteXen Arts English site will also get a new Link posted soon……its under construction……Anyhow here are the poetry posted from that other place…..

~Immortal Creations~

Creation made in an image
like magic made
to reflect the mind
in this many worlds of reality
and within imagination
some cover to the light and the dark
Fragile like the leaf our time
yet documented in this mirror
where the soul never die
in the mind of others
whom captured
this life
From fragments created
of the creator of our old-time
in this pages to the line of the memories
and in this immortalized
for another time..

The Poet Stefan

~Earth Is Not For Sale~

In gold blinded by greed
their illusion
while people starve
and the world go to hell
all in the name of riches
the selfish bastard
Asking people to give money to save
while in fact there would be no need
if it was not for greed
and like a paper cartoon
their brainwashing
through the media
Wake up and look behind the curtain
see yourself a prisoner under a lie
look at them with their rotting spears
in the cover of a golden symbol
see the darkness that victimize us
to a slow and painful death
This Earth is not theirs
Earth is for everyone and
Earth can’t be own
and their law is not true
you have the right to take a bit of land
This right is yours and they have no right to
own what we ourselves create
let us pull the curtain down
together stand against the ugly masters
let life be what life was supposed to be
freedom and love.

The Poet Stefan

~Life Of Never~

We dream of everlasting
a way to be saved
without this understanding
of the end
where the heart suffer
with the love of life
Fragile human nature
of both evil and good
and created from within
but in the image of influence too
this world we have created
to no prevail
As everything will fade away
against our own will
no matter how powerful
life will pass
and in this no matter what
to be are better than not to be
Even in pain there at least are feelings
as life can be felt
and hold what death never could
this symbiosis of the balance
in where a wish to never stray
as this border is the breath of life…

The Poet Stefan

~Behind The Control~

Who said life is but a dream
as it are complex
and freedom never are freedom
without cause
survival is not by the fittest
it is all in the will
Revolution is a false concept
if without change
and is it possible to bring the impossible
into the possible
if in fact the impossible would be
the possible
As facts lay in the threads
connected to our lives
we are puppets in a bigger game
imagination does not cut it
but it is where the truth lay
Alternate truth
as we sleep behind the machine
closed off from the true light
lied to by the overlords
as you truly are but a component
and placed within this created puzzle
Look outside the shape
find the answer there
as it is open to see
beyond the mind control
rested upon
millions of corpses…

The Poet Stefan


The concept of peace
should not be taken
but given
from the heart
just as love need
to be fed
by trust
and from within
Peace can be like a war
but peace should be
from love and not war
because war hold death
and death hold no peace
not for the cause
or the soul
as peace is the heart & our love

The Poet Stefan

~Circled Life~

And we see it happen again and again
but the aid far away in fear
or by the short notion
that as one nothing
yet in it the very foundation
of one steep for life
Everything we create have impact
no matter how small
in time it shall grow
and one future will take
that seed you planted
This is life and this is death
but make this life count
as in death nothing more
so leave behind the heart
you wish the future to lean on
because they will no matter what….

The Poet Stefan

Wishing you all a great day 🙂


8 thoughts on “Moving my poetry To Here

  1. I have not been on your Space in such a long time
    my great friend but i will be trying to catch up on your
    poems and other postings this week 🙂 I do hope that
    your weekend has been an excellent one Stefan 🙂


    • Good to hear from you my good friend, I’m pretty much off the line myself….just passing through to post and look through new postings from you and everyone from time to time, Got myself a Satellite Dish so have been seeting that one up this last 3 days..the channels go through gave me a head ache but finaly saved a list of something like 4-500 channels I think out of 2-3000 -lol-…it almost drow me insane going through those channels :p and my thumb and finger are numb plus one pen run out of inc……but enough about that…..well I never complain about weekends….only wish there was more of them 🙂

      Anyhow my greatest wishes for a very nice week and stay cool and safe my friend.

      • Hey you will be spending a lot less time on WP with all those new and interesting channels to find, is it a remote controlled dish? If it is don’t forget to set the settings or you might have to start all over again 😦 Have fun with that one and don’t be over doing things, hey I meant on the dish not on tomorrows hump day 🙂 Okay I’m going before I say something naughty 🙂 lol As if I ever could? 😉 lol


        • It is not remote controlled and it was quite a -mm- to set it right…it took me two days just to set it up right…it has two micro heads Astra & Hotbird and I had to change the A head to B to get them both to work….
          so yes I did pull those screws quite hard so it won’t move….-lol- well that would not be unusual at all sire 😉

    • heya buddy……thank you, Indeed we do and I’m already taking part in actions….maybe small things like signing stuff or posting mails ,links or being supportive to some causes…but atleast I’m doing something…non? 🙂
      Have a great day……the weather over here in sweden are quite wet and grey at the moment….can’t wait till it get warmer and when the trees are green again…..

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