Drink From The Spring Of Life

~Drink From The Spring Of Life~

We ride through time on a fragile horse
through open doors of knowledge
yet shallow deep
at the end of time
To this knowledge a fantasy made
to erase the image of darkness
that monster behind every passing
To whom you lean on various names
to keep you sane
as life for the strong
when in its final hour
Capture it all with a smile
or drown within its tear
as for some reason its better to have lived
than to not lived at all
We all keep our stories and believes
yet none of it really very real
but we can at least imagine
the light and live a dream
As to be not of any point
would be pointless
and to some knowledge
happiness need to be feed
As behind this wall
where the sign
right before your turn
A master of illusion
created images
of the breath
of life
So in this chapter
listen to your heart
bleed with time
love as hatred equals the dark
Fashion not the sequel of dark history
learn this light of your life
as in the end
your legacy the way of others
Listen to your own reason
as no one will release no other salvation
than the salvation created
for them with love given
Death is real and we all shall travel the abyss of its evil
and fall in the name of lost to its hand
but rise above its ashes
and fill yourself with life
In all this a meaning
that take the time you have
and bless every moment
because one day it will be no more
Live,laugh and dream
create in the spring of life
leave death to death
and drink from life and it shall be never ending..

The Poet Stefan


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