Öland,Kalmar & Oskarshamn

So me and my wife took a trip this weekend leaving a sunny weather for a very rainy Öland,Kalmar & Oskarshamn…..We had planed a sunny weather with a dip in the sea in Öland and a visit to Kalmar’s Castle with some nice picnic…..well it did not turn out as we planed….no bathing as the weather windy and rainy….and the castle was closed when we got there and the picnic had to be in the car :p , but we did get to see some stuff at least….anyhow the weather have been really bad here in Sweden this June so far in general mostly cloudy and rainy….Though not as much rain as in Northern England…..but borring just the same……but anyhow we made the best of our rainy windy trip to Öland,Kalmar & Oskarshamn and I have posted some pictures in my Photographic art section……and this two pictures here of us on the old city wall in Kalmar.

Wishing you all a very nice beginning of this week.


4 thoughts on “Öland,Kalmar & Oskarshamn

  1. well, than everything is ok – walking in the rain without rain-clothes & shoes is for lovers, isn’t it? 😀
    very nice photo session, thanks for it 🙂

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