Another find on youtube

Title of the video is:CIA insider tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!

And if this would be true then shame on everyone who was behind it.


13 thoughts on “Another find on youtube

  1. The above video shows you in the little boxes a few seconds into it the mini explosions coming out from the building. They are too low to be considered part of the weight of the building coming down.

    @ 2:29 mins, you’ll see the first tower pancaking downward. There’s no way the building should have come down like that. There’s another video which I’m not sure I have anymore which showed the one tower starting to shift and come down due to the weight of the plane “HOWEVER” as the top of the building shifted from the weight sideways (which in my humble opinion would be normal) it suddenly went straight down.

    Building 7 pancaked too and nothing hit it. I sat for about 3/4 hours and watched one video after the other, read one site after the other after hearing about this. I was thoroughly disgusted.

    This one above @ 1.50 mins you can see where the plane is in the building and it’s up on the top and there’s just now way.

    The following link is a link to all the stories of the people who were there on that day. It didn’t work when I clicked it this morning but it said it was being maintenanced.

    Here’s another site below, I didn’t view this one and some of the links I used to have from 2007 when I originally found these things don’t work. I didn’t view this one. Okay… I feel sick. So…

    • Thank you for posting all this here my friend, and people are not taking the lies anymore and we are growing in our knowledge and the truth are that they who sat on that throne of evil soon shall fall…..that is my opinion and I hope it be sooner than soon as they really have stept over the line one time to many and people will not take it anymore…and something is going to happen but I do not know exactly what yet….but I think that in the end this world or whatever will have peace in its true meaning of freedom.

      Wishing you a good day my friend.

        • I guess some do have no emotion toward life and only look for money, it is strange but people can be very evil……when it come to power and momney.
          I am wonder though if it had been their children who had died would they still be so emotionaless….I think not and yet some might not even care aboput more than themselves…..Well they are huge A…holes in my opinion and do deserve everything that will come to them at the day of justice…..

  2. You’ve never seen the posts I made in the past about this have you… I researched this “years” ago and I had posts up a couple years ago. The other building that went down as well shouldn’t have gone down and these buildings should not have pancaked downwards as they did. They free fell (free falling) is when demolition pulls a building down to the ground. What happens is, architecturally speaking, the building pancakes and the way the planes landed in the building, the top portion of the building should have toppled over, not pancaked. I researched this for a very long time and watched many video’s on it. If you would like those links I can dig them up for you.

    The jet fuel was not burning at a temperature that would have made the entire building collapse (either one of them) the way they did because that would have required all the steel within the core of the building to have melted as well. What they claimed, if I remember correctly was that the weight of the building caused it to pancake. I don’t believe that. I’ll never believe that. If anything the building should have broken, not pancaked.

    There are quite a number of videos and things of this nature and some of them showed how at certain points certain floors of the building, “popped” outwards, which is indicative of a building that is set up to be demolished. You know, controlled demolitions do that to a building. The ruble should have been in larger chucks for a collapsed building as well.

    It’s disgusting. I don’t buy anything they’ve ever said. If you want the links, I can put them here for you. I never bought it. Not with all the proof in the videos. Way too much reasonable doubt for me. And it’s not a shame … well, I’m saying it would be the most despicable cover up ever.

    • I do believe it all was for the oil and Illuminati (or other such power tripping evil groups) was behind this…..and yes my friend it is an awful act without human emotion from them who did this, think about it they did not only kill all those people at the site but the people on those two flights as well and that is a lot of dead people on their hands and I hope that one day will come when they all will pay for this (and i think that time will come) not that it will bring back all them who died but it atleast will bring justice…and I hope they judge them where it hurts and take away all their mony and all their power and then place them on an island with no escape for the rest of their sorry little lives.
      Hey yes do post links so others can read them as they are part of this…

      • Let me see if I still have them. I’ll check… okay? 🙂 I remember, when somehow I fell over something about the buildings and watched these videos and things I found and it made too much sense what they were saying and as you watch the videos of it all and then read up on the architecture of the building, I felt sick… if, in fact, it was done intentionally, it’s like … there’s no explanation for it. Sickening. I’ll check for the links and put them here.

        You can google too, conspiracy theory 911 … the ones I found were unnerving.

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