Dream Reality

Dream Reality

When in a dream captured light
darkness fade in the back of the mind
and reality outside the grasp
yet always a reminder
in life to death
This rail of passing images
the past into present
revealing history
captured in but a fleeting moment
of the united captured eye
Everyone a nation
a world created
with adventure
held in the pocket
of dreams
When we see reality
it is not complicated
but unforgivable
the sinner & the saints
our naked world
The cult created images
made in another’s lie
mass hypnotic
the blind veil
of our destruction
To the few souls of heart
where in a future
the new world
created out of our dreams
but yet just another beginning

©The Poet Stefan

2 thoughts on “Dream Reality

  1. As always your poetry finds that inner core
    where dreams and reality collide and offer a
    new understanding…

    Be well my great friend Stefan 🙂


    • Great friend it is very nice to hear from you again and as always your words highly welcomed and thank you very much and my good wishes to you for a very nice weekend 🙂

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