The world is for the brave
to fight for the self survival
while thunder roar and lightning
whips your back to carry a heavy oak
planted by an evil seed
Turning lies into truth and dreams
into the playground created
everything plastic fantastic
but hollow to the core
in total darkness
For it lay all in the image
of the world order
to keep its cattle to the knees
with blinding media
and this the true matrix of your lives
all our life…

Β©The Poet Stefan


12 thoughts on “T.W.O.

  1. I hope that your week
    is a most enjoyable time
    my great friends…

    Stefan and Eclipse…
    May you always be very
    happy, live long and prosper πŸ™‚


    • Have not been on for some days but thank you my good friend and my wishes to you for a grand upcoming weekend, weekends is the shit πŸ™‚ (translation is that weekends is the best or thing) -smiles-
      and have a great day my friend.

      • Yes a fine translation Stefan
        and I am pleased that you have
        enjoyed a very nice one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


        • Most weekends are nice unless some unfortunate event would to happen, The translation made my wife laugh -lol- ,and thank you my good friend and it is always my pleasure…..Friday its friday -yes- πŸ™‚ ,Have a good one Andro my Goth friend..

  2. hi stefan hows life treated you today ive been havin a restful one for a change sometimes your body says enough lol but tommorow il do twice as much have a lovely weekend xxjen

    • Life is good today and it is friday so that is a big plus :), am glad you got a restful day and we do need that at times and am familiar with your words -smiles- but I think that I am a bit lazy as well and there are days like yesterday where the whole day went into movies on the soffa πŸ™‚ ,Have a wonderful weekend dear Jen.

  3. A nicely portrayed
    image of a modern age…

    If in Times of Medieval
    Where Noble Knights
    And Sweet Ladies Trod this Earth
    In a Mixed Romantic Flame
    Then Surely the Now
    Would Not be the Same…

    Times change so quickly in our
    modern world, seconds run faster
    into minutes, into hours and days
    and before we can blink another
    year has passed us by my great
    friend but there is much to learn
    and to feel richer in spirit for that
    knowledge… Not everything is so
    dark that we cannot make a better
    existence and with a fine optimism
    anything can be achieved πŸ™‚

    Have a very good day today Stefan,
    both you and Eclipse are wonderful
    great friends and I wish you both a
    beautiful rest of week πŸ™‚


    • It do indeed Andro at time so fast it pass us by and yet as you say time do hold much to learn and that is a desire and personaly always was with me the great wall to lean on -without knowledge everything would seam like reaching out into the desert and only get sand in the throat, But love is the heart as well and bring compassion to the soul, Thank you my friend and we hold nothing but luv for you as well and I wish you a rightious wonderful week as well……Stay safe.

    • A bit colder here in Sweden now after a bad weather summer, but besides the weather I can’t complaine :), and thank you dear Jen for those words and am glad you do enjoy this time of the year and may you keep enjoy it and bring you your desires from life….Stay well and safe -hugs-

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