I Got Windows 8 Pro Today :)

To everyone (including myself) that complained about the old start menu and the new one before I tested Windows 8……I was wrong as it work just about the same way and nothing is really gone, I ordered my version of Windows 8 Pro today as I had the campaign price as my computer was within its offer range, So I have installed it from the burned ISO Image (will get the Real version as well) all of it included the DVD playback under 400 Swedish Crowns (Kronor),

It is faster than Windows 7 and everything worked….all my programs work….It is actually very nice once you set up everything as you want it and delete the apps you do not need….I was a bit in fear before I bought it as I was not sure about how it all would work……everything was so freaking easy to learn and I can’t understand all the negative hype now…..So for me it was a great buy and I love the new fast experience….Very well done windows version in my opinion as it all feel new….the speed is amazing….mind you though that I do have a modern PC so I could not know how it would run on older software…..No I do not have touch and are using the mouse and everything more or less work flawless for me…

Only one things if I do pick a dark color for my open windows the title text become very dark so that is my only complaint,but hopefully that will get patched later and it is not a very big issue… anyhow I did read up a bit on the ground usage before I got My Windows 8 Pro but everything was very easy………my tip is to just remember to move the mouse to right top or bottom and also right-click on the start page, on the desktop move the mouse down to the lover left to see the start and right-click on it…..you then will see that all settings more or less are still there…….So well my grade was low about this version before I did get it and now it is really high 🙂

So if you have a pretty good PC do not fear as I did as it all is a nice experience….well atleast for me and my usage 🙂

Och I hope this did not come out as any commercial thingy now…I am just happy and wanted to share my experience with this new system.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend …Peace*


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