Observers Through Time

~Observers Through Time~

Behind a curtain of many shadows into the eye of seeing this world behind another one
in sleep its reality known
haunting in dreams
And unto whom the stories unfold
the one with the hearing ear
now this whisper
letting in the light
Changing times from the old to new
yet to you maybe the twist of the words
locked to the golden key within
to become this
Long time journey
from darkness to light
yet all of us observers
of the passing time
Life and death dance together
through you ,through me
and to whatever time may come
the heart lead the way

©The Poet Stefan 2012

5 thoughts on “Observers Through Time

    • Am glad to hear that you enjoyed my latest poem dear Jen, Well I have set up my Little Xmas tree and we should get some food for Xmas but Eclipse do not celebrate Xmas and myself set the tree and stuff up for Xmas as it been part to my upgrowing plus that I do really like all the shine of Xmas and some smell of it too 🙂
      And am sure you are getting ready for Xmas as well so wishes of happy tidings -mm- did I spell that right now?….oh well I Think you did understand. 🙂

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