From The Old Photo Page

We fed them bread (Nyköping at the Harbour) This was quite big (Nyköping) This was just beautiful somehow (Nyköping) The very little and beautiful Theater In Nyköping The top of the resturant and flower house (villa) by the side of Nynäs Castle The Titanic 2 (just another old building in Nyköping) Old street lamp in Nyköping Old Shapes 3 (Nyköping) Old Shapes 2 (Nyköping) Old Shapes 1 (Nyköping) Old barn on the way to Nynäs castle in Trosa Nynäs Castle In Trosa Nynäs Castle Ground Nynäs castle A Spring Light green tree in Nyköping A stair On the Nynäs Castle ground A little hanging tree in Nyköping A knot tree near the nynäs castle resturant A fountain on the Nynäs castle ground A fountain in the front of Nynäs castle A Flower in Nyköping oskarshamn1 - Old building passing by in the rain kalmar15 - tree outside the castle garden kalmar14 - the little villa garden kalmar13 - One of the remaining musket tower bank doors kalmar12 - One of the 4 musket towers kalmar11 - the castle from the bank kalmar10 - One of the canons on the stronghold castle banks kalmar9 - The door into the castle ground kalmar8 - The way into the stronghold castle grounds kalmar7 - the little villa outside the castle kalmar6 - Castle kalmar5 - Anchor & Castle kalmar4 - Old police building kalmar3 - the dove in cover from rain kalmar2 - old city defence wall kalmar1- old street lamp öland7 - just something old we passed by öland6 - this cow liked to pose while we was leaving the ruin öland5 - rosebush growing in the wall around the ruin öland4 - a look out from the hights of the ruin ground looking out to the sea öland3 - tower of the castle ruin öland2 - part of the castle ruin VNest Under A Hanging Tree Titanica Shape RoC Peaceful OldTime BangBang A old Street A bit of paradise ByTheWater CastleGuns Charming Mighty Mighty2 TheBeautyOfTheSky TheBird TheBird2 TheBird3 TheBird4 TheBird5 TheDragonTree TheSkyFromTheRoad TheSkyFromTheRoad2 Statsmiljo In A park Road In The Dark The Pathway Granden The Past In the New Day Set Sail Grand Mystery The Tower Of light Natural Vibe snow



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