Through The Reality Of The Gun

~Through The Reality Of The Gun~

The dust in the eyes a throwing shadow
upon the real gaze
them lost to the wind of useless rage
given a hand by stupid laws
to all the wasted years in the eye of innocence
to whom the world belonged
and ended in one moment
No it is not a fair deal and yet the deal signed
by acceptance and a false believe of protection
the true light of whom the real killer
a nation with blinded eyes
and this not the last fire
in the heart of confusion
and reality

©Stefan 2012

5 thoughts on “Through The Reality Of The Gun

  1. Thinking about the last school shooting in the States … was only able to read the headlines … can’t take any of the details … although my heart cries with the affected families … I’m lighting another cigarette … and I just sit there … powerless … well, not quite … I can start making a difference … by being kind to my neighbour.

    • Indeed a awful deed in the states but it never will end unless they stop having access to guns….Guns is never a answer as a gun in a childs hand a bad combination….

      Thank you and some kindeness right back at you Cat.

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