Revolution Is Yours

~Revolution Is Yours~

Within us a true light kept in silence
where a world seen as it should be
and it is not captured by lies
as its innocent and not touched
by the mark of the masters
whom taken almost everything
masters of the power of lies
All locked up in themselves
them with the true world in hand
waiting for a savior a salvation from hell
and as moments pass of death
through years of sorrow
no image true of its image
only dreams and wishes
Rise from the ashes
put on the wings of destiny
and throw down the evil
where the only masters the self
and togetherness of peace
a new image made of a world
to long locked away inside
Take your piece of land
fear not them whom think they can own you
for you are born free to live
and no one ever have the right to tell you what to do
in severance of others
as it is all a lie created through time
by darkest evil
And together no master to rule
together one world
together no more fear
together peace

together for our dreams
together is the true beginning of our lives…

©Stefan 2013


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