A Beam Of Light


~A Beam Of Light~

Through darkness came a light
bright and warm
and the sky felt again
through the land of winter
And in moments of falling
this to memory printed
like a cover of comfort
to make the sight clear
For in this light my immortality
on an angels wings
and in the image
when a wound need to heal
As time do bleed
within the heart
and darkness is so close to light
but victory held in the light
And love fills all emptiness
where without but an empty shell
where material things mean nothing
and the view of it after
And in my hands created reflection
placed into this words
a captured moment suited
this moment
A reminder of how precious
the most beautiful
the light
of love

©The Poet Stefan 2013

2 thoughts on “A Beam Of Light

    • Hi dear Jen I have not been on much lately and only online time have been on Facebook playing Angry Birds more or less but everything is OK thank you. We are thinking about moving because of travel to work distance…but we are not sure yet if or when or if a change of work need to take place even…but well I think we need to limit the travel distance to work though as it both coast money plus that it leave us to little time together….
      I hope you are well as well Jen and that you are happy too….
      Your Friend.

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