The Gate


~The Gate~

Walk through the gate of life
where a moment stand still
frozen to the mind
A day in the sun with you
with voices from our now past
to be remembered
On another day like a page in a book
amongst all our other moments
reflection of heart
My love for you
your love for me
most precious
and forever kept..

©The Poet Stefan

Summer Serenade

~Summer Serenade~

The path of time the very breath of life
in the bark of the trees
in it this emotion we all know
as the sun touches us
From the death of winter
the cover lifted
the growth of nature
a sustenance of the soul
If heaven had a face
this surely would be it
summertime the part of creation
the key an salvation
Drink deep its nectar of life
for its close to your touch
a time to hold dear
the moment
A view without destruction
a welcoming embrace
to heal us to some amount
of the time in our hearts..


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