Denmark, Germany & Sweden Vacation

Vacation is officially over and so here come some photos from it as promised 🙂

DSC00881 DSC00882 DSC00884 DSC00926 DSC01042 DSC01368 DSC01371 DSC01387 DSC01394 DSC01414 DSC01415 DSC01416 DSC01418 DSC01420 DSC01422 DSC01430 DSC01433 DSC01506 DSC01509


2 thoughts on “Denmark, Germany & Sweden Vacation

    • The Rune Stone stands by the “Stora Sundby Castle” Here in Sweden ,it was moved there from “Vallby” ……The one who raised the stone back in the Viking era in the first centuary was namned “Sten” and he raised the stone for his Father and His Brother.

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