We all build on a line of time
creation folded neat to fit
and meant nothing more
than its living life
as passed its form
nothing in silence
Eyes looking capturing but yet hollow
as each pair itself
the journey from life to death
trying to grasp the essence
fantasy dreams of life forever
with passing years nothing more than lost
The fears of the souls the no meaning of its life
chained to lies to heal the dormant truth
of the faceless saint
the never ending believes
as each year reap yet another line of time
but blinded the fall of never
A breath to bring up the wall
of sanity
a capture away from the knowledge
created illusion
the mirror of all our

©The Poet Stefan

4 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. Our time on this ancient earth is but a miniscule moment, a drop in the ocean, a particle within the atom of continuity and yet each moment eagerly shared with loving and tenderness, and through life’s wonders a true love never dies.

    This is a wondrously good read my great friend, I can see that you have not lost your touch and that poetry is still your forte. Be well Stefan and Eclipse, my great friends in the sphere and beyond.


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