In This Image A Poem Unfolled


~In This Image A Poem Of It All Unfolled~

Life this tree my veins my heart
when in view the time
this love from darkness my blood
now some light saved
To remember this sign beyond all death
the meaning of why this creation
to see beyond the horror of darkly screams in silence
a chapter and need to forget
Wishes of the beauty and the light
some part unholy desire
within the fear of the reality
of loneliness
The nightmare and hunter that followed
the years on earth
the view of the meaning of life
pushed away to be sane
We see the world as it pass but blind ourselves
to what it all really come to mean
and that nothingness formed
a monster
This craving for life, Craving for love
needed cover
this and that but why?
when a fear of a knowledge to real
Cravings past everything real
as reality the end of everything
in the greatest fear
the end of learning unto whom you are and become
For if in the facts a reality that nothing
is the fact of life
that death but the passing
then where the point of time itself?Yet the dreams of fantastic stories
to wishes of its truth
and still years take away its believes
as nothing come to save
But nothing could take away the hope
within us the fool or not
but to fade not the option
not for me and hopefully not for you….

The End*

©The Poet Stefan 2014

Written in the blood of a rat -lol- joke 😉but yea whom but a fool to realize the meaning of life 🙂

-The Image was taken beside the Castle Gripsholms Slott Looking at the city of Mariefred here in Sweden-

Peace be with you and yours.

2 thoughts on “In This Image A Poem Unfolled

  1. The meaning of life, a quest for many , and a lifetime of searching for ideals, Stefan, we come into this life with only one certainty, we will leave it, ’tis how we fill the intervening span alloted. Sometimes I wonder, can it all be a dream? Will we wake to different reality? xPenx
    (Wonderfully crafted poem my friend)

    • Maybe we all are fools allowing ourselves to be fooled… non?
      maybe nothing is as it really seam ….indeed…I can to some part agree with you on the part of a dream…and yet not from what been shown me a long time ago….Death is nothing in itself to my point of view but what death transform is a bit of a horror perhaps….Like for instant the importance of knowledge just to be taken away perhaps again and again….and if so it sucks*….But yea The Meaning Of Life is as Old as Sin I believe 🙂

      ‘Thank you my friend 🙂

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