My Name Is Stefan (The Poet Stefan)
Was Born In 1968.
I Live In Sweden.
Poetry, Photo, Art is my passion and music something I do relax with at times on the side.
I’m not a signed poet so if you are a publisher that think my poetry are interesting enough please
let me know πŸ™‚
I work with my wife at SteXen Arts and you can find links to it within my pages, Buy something if you wish πŸ™‚

My Wife, My Light & My Forever Companion: Eclipse

If there are anything more you wish to know you can just ask me, I hope you will enjoy reading or
looking through my pages here.

The Poet Stefan*


16 thoughts on “Me

  1. u know cdn’t resist saying umm ur wife is eclipse of the moon and i m the moon lol, i mean my name means as such πŸ˜› funny ‘eh

    • Well the moon itself are very bright as the sun touch it seen from earth and you have some very bright postings that reflect the same feeling of feeling good as I do with my wife…..just saying that there are something special with the moon πŸ™‚

  2. Good evening my old and great friend
    I hope that thou art well and in good spirit…

    Your poetry I know of and have enjoyed in
    the past, I will venture throught thy space and
    in time re-discover thy uniqueness…

    Be well The Dead Poet /
    The Poet Stefan…


    • Greetings to you friend, wohh its been awhile, I hope things have been well with you.
      Last winter my father was taken away but Eclipse was with me through all that and so my spirit have came back now but was a bit low there for awhile, but am now married as you’ve seen and life is good of now but do at time still think about my father.

      Thank you my friend.

      Stay Safe.

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