My first published poetry book.

My first poetry book is now published and it did take some years since I first talked about publishing a poetry book and finally the time has come

Just click the image to know more about it and I wish to thank my wife for the help and the art painted within my book and for being the light that led me to release this book now…
but also my thanks to everyone through the years who have had parts in making me who I am today as without all these ripples on the sea, I would be nothing …so thank you.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend.

Contribute to a fun story in progress

Friendly blogger Noobcake is running a special kind of writing project he’s calling StoryBounce. It’s fun and simple: he starts with a few sentences, and then anyone can come by and continue the story by leaving a comment. And on it goes – I just added my piece to the story. You should add yours:

Story Bounce: tell your story

My Part: Oh but I do not like garlic “said harry with some grin on his face “and you trully should clean up this place he continued.
“Alice yawned and just raised her hand up.

-mm- Book working changes

Well I felt the story I was working on did use to much out of one persons eyes and so I’ll scratch this story because I rather work on something more multi characters
with different persons and more Adventure in the story like characters conversations and so on……But I’ll post the Intro that came before the first chapter and the second
chapter of the story here though if you would like to read it even though I’ll not continue this story "The Eyes Of Robin" well It just did not work for me… to what I said I
found it to much through one characters eyes and so the adventure of it would not become interesting enough I believe and it are more fun to write a book with multi
characters and more in the Adventure style than what "The Eyes Of Robin" could ever be…….So this why I scratch this project so I can begin with what I feel more appealing
to me to work on….But anyways here are the Intro and the second chapter of "The Eyes Of Robin"
The Eyes Of Robin



Hello to you my reader whom have came to meet my words and to read this reconstruction of all the madness in my mind through out such a long time in silence as I’m here now typing this words unto this empty pages and not even sure how to make you understand all of what will be shown to you through my words as I’m almost sure there shall be doubts in your mind as you will be taken through this crazy ride of my time here through my mind, this journey may be dark and show you things you might not really wish to see depending on your faith or whom you are as an person but by all means take this as just another story because in a way this are but another story of so many other stories you’ve read in your past but perhaps this will be a bit different from your usual read, But anyhow my name is a secret so you can call me by the sydonym I’ve choicen for myself in this story and it shall be "Robin" and I hope you like that name as much as I do, so to not keep you in a to much wondering I’ll tell you one thing directly just to get it out of the way, I am not normal in the sence of normal as in mortal and no I’m not exactly your ordinary immortal either and so what am I you may now wonder well to put it in a easy way to understand I’ll tell you that I am a part of both worlds in that my system works pretty much as any other mortal but parts of my system given by a spirit prolonging my time here on this earth that we all know as our home plus some things that would probably be namned extraordinary, magical but to me very much normal now but aw cause in the beginning when this came to me through an sad time and a very lonely night I knew very little of it and so it suprised me quite a bit then but time learn us to control and accept things but there have awcause always been questions along this road I’ve traveled and some of this questions I strongly doubt will ever be answered, so now let me take you to the first chapter and I hope you can bare with me because this story will be something of an crazy ride as I’ve told you earlier in this introduction…..

So turn the page and this story shall begin.


Chapter 2 – The Process After Death And The Shadow Of Peace

I can recall school years and to state out I only went there for nine years and I was the odd one that everyone looked down on and so through those years I closed myself off more or less toward that world and I even remember that at time I even did not know what class to go to if I even was there at all as I went as I more or less pleased and they call it a school of learning yet teachers did not care and some I think did not even see me and that my friend is the reality even today as others whom been and are in the situation I was where I’m sure an helping hand could have made those years more easy but enough of that now and let me instead tell you that in that time I learned a lot and was watching the human nature and understood some things about human nature and unto how week one soul alone where none to look at their acts, to sum up the meaning of it are that everyone are afraid of the nothingness and some rather choice evil for their own good painting themself a wall for their future where their persona no longer shine by the mask they have to wear to where forgiveness never or seldom be found when the payback show itself through the own made darkness, Now let me take you on a trip to an journey I made where I was shown the process of death and this journey started a long time ago to where I searched more than what I already knew, the process is light as you know they with near death experience say they see a tunel of light or the spiritualist whom take souls to the other side talk of the light ,the light are true but the rest are but the place of the imagination created, this light are like a sea of white light and within this sea all whom died in waiting to be reborn again but the fear for me was when I both learned and felt the disapearing of the self and that everything one learn to disapear slowly and you can compare the feeling like slowly getting under water but in this there at first are a peace you never felt before and fact are that you are numb to your own thoughts like some puppet just laying there waiting to disapear to be sent through the energy back to life through birth but this process are not 100% as some will remember previous lives later in life, I retracted from that journey and came back as somehow I broke free but I think this because my body not yet dead at that time and it took many years for me until an breakdown happened to this knowledge to know of the end and that nothing you’ve gone through have no meaning in death and so one night I think it was summer I searched the energy for answeres to try to find some other plate and I found something but it was not as I would expect a hole in the energy where no energy present and within this place a world of beings not human but older then time itself and they live there in complete darkness so I called out into their realm for help to live where death could not take me away and I gave an gift by saying be part of me and I’ll give you eyes to see the light and feeling to touch the world and taste to taste the world and in return enter me and give me part of you and your eternity and something came rushing and I was pushed through the air down on my bed while a fire went through my spine and made me finaly to black out and I did not wake up until the day after feeling stronger than ever before and a new strange flow through my mind where words came to me from within to such an agree that I begun to write poetry as an outlet of all this words passing through me and I know that this being now was within me as a part of me and to each year that have passed from that time power have grown within me and I have been able to see even more done stuff that should not be possible to do but the thing that I never thought of was that everyone and everything around me do die and through looking at friends and loved ones that have passed into the process of death while I’m left alone again and again to walk on this earth it became a huge pain to me and a fear almost in getting to close to anyone now as I know I will lose them, I have never tried doing that thing that Vampires do in the movies with taking blood and give it back to get someone to become as me someone to stay as me with me as an familiar face through time as I do not think that would work but I have been tempted to try it lately but the failure would hurt my heart so much as it means getting close to someone again and to point the way to the place I found in the shadow, that dark place where this beings live or should one call them spirits even though not human well whatever to do that means that someone would have to be able to see as I see and even if they reach it would there be another to exept the invite there and plus would it even be fare of me to make or to give them a way to become as me because time can be hard when you realize that everything you know will be gone one day and only memories to remain but in all honesty there are aw cause somethings with this that are good too as to get to learn and see things that will arise through history but your mind need to be strong with a will to the mind to survive plus know that this are not your usual Vampiric fiction that you look at at the movies, no you will have to eat and drink, work for your money and your body still works pretty normal and if you lose a tooth or get a deep wound it will not go away like magic of movies, you will die but not in many lifetimes…and how many I could not possible tell you but your face will tell the truth as the years go on and you see that your face very young against your age as you look in the mirror or an photographic picture so this means that you do have to move to different areas not to reveal yourself to the world as the world probably would place you under an looking glass if they found out that within you lay something that could make someone stay young and live for an very very long time plus that there are some very bad peoples out there that I’m sure would use you in one or another way if they found out, aw cause to an amount you can protect yourself quite well as you are stronger but if many would to take you down you probably would not be able to break free and remember you can die too because this are within you so if someone cut you up I doubt you would survive in pieces also you can get sick and even though your imune system are stronger if you would to get really sick I’m not sure what would happen as I’ve never really got that sick before and perhaps one never will being as me and know that the best thing as you will learn in time is to not get to close with other human beings because when their time come your the one hurting plus that there are not that many that you can stay around with till the end anyhow but a few of trust if so choicen but death are always the haunting of the worst kind so you will learn by time to take some distance and I mean that as in even getting to close to an idol someone you admire you know some famous person as that can hurt pretty bad too when they no longer around to make music or movies and so on but I assure you that you will see and live it all many times over but as me an familiar face can hold such comfort at least this is what I think as I’ve found that through time this are what I miss the most, someone there with me through time and I mean that obviously there may come a time where we would part but we would always know that we would be able to see each other again or even get back together many times, I think it are that familiar that hold such strong need within me but aw cause love is a wish but love would need to be strong to last for such long time but then again one could just part for years if things would fade to get together yet again many years later to find the love there again, well now I am getting way ahead of myself in all my dreams and fantasy because I’m not even sure yet if it ever be possible to get anyone to become what I am but in me some hope of this that there might be a chance to fade the solitude away with someone there, someone familiar through time.

Stefan 2009* 

So I’ve started to write a book……

I will show you the first chapter that are not yet edited and may contain faults…..
This story are mostly fiction but it do have parts that are real from my own life…
The book title are not yet set but for now It be called "The Eyes Of Robin" There have been an introduction page made as well to make the story more clear but this will
not be posted here…..If you read this then I would love you to tell me if this are interesting enough of a story to be published…I do realize aw cause that this still not Edited
and only the first Chapter so it might not tell much of the rest of the story + that most of that are still just in my head……..If you think this could be published I just might
leave it in to some publisher ones it be finished but that will take some time though……But if you think this not something that can be published then I think I’ll scratch this
project——So to not talk to much here it are…..
"The Eyes Of Robin"

Chapter 1 – First Years Of Life And The Story Begins

I was born on a cold december night in a little city that we can call ostra and than given away to a childrens home where I spend five years until I was moved around to finaly be adopted at an age of seven and I can’t remember much of this time that are more or less a blur to me and so I came to end up in another small town that we can call Eskil to where at an early age life felt odd to me and I always felt out of place and different from the world around me to where I could hear things that no one else heard and see things no one else saw an paralel world that moved beside this world like an wave in an ocean but instead of water pure energy moving within time and through everyone alive a separate of everyones being and with time I came to know this as our second world within this world and if you ever experienced deja vu this are the thing making it happen as when this energy move here on earth it take our second being to move faster in time and as this second being of ourself is us and our mind in the future we at times get connected with the memories in our minds and to such we can recall things that feel like familiar things that feel like they happened before and this is the explanation of deja vu and yes everyone do experience this from time to time but not everyone do aknowledge it and no one to my knowledge ever known about this until now as I’m telling you about this, but anyhow so through the years I learned to grasp this energy and make it a part of me to know of my second being and know the energy that can be taken in and used in many ways and some have used this energy in the past like what people call witches, warlocks or simply magick and it all come from this energy but they probably never known the source though because believe me the energy can also be formed to the mind and to wishes and to that many gods or whatever have been rising and becomed a very powerful being by the creation from the mind of whom that formed it and this created being can only live by the believes and will fade away when not anymore in anyones mind and if you are christian or of any believes then I’m sorry to tell you that everything that you see and feel ,the evil or the goodness are all creation in this energy and I hope you do understand that whatever your believes will keep it real so maybe you should not be to sad by this as your god or whatever shall still be with you as long as you believe but the question are do you want to believe and can you believe now when you know as I myself learned through the years are that the only goodness lay true within myself so if it are goodness you wish then goodness will spread through this energy, this why negative thoughts or evil and everything bad also exist and could even be dangerous if not the general population had goodness within so you could say that it are balanced at least for now as we are all still here minus them whom been unlucky to be at the wrong place or in the wrong time for any bad events and sometimes I wish somethings to not happen but I’m but a grass straw of so many grass straws and we can all only save the place within our own space and time and from our own knowlede but yes the energy can save life if in the right place and time to whom there to control it and no matter how much I’ve learned to control the energy I never ever could save the world even though if I would want to do so and you may ask how to understand the energy to use it, this will take time but with the knowledge of it and your own believes you can learn to do many things with it but I would give you an warning though not to abuse it and only use it by good but am not telling you what to do with it as that are not my place to do because everyone has to do their own faith because do not doubt in me when I tell you that whatever you do will leave ripless like a stone thrown in a pond and it will bring something from what you set in play back unto you, this are something that all whom ever been of faith have undertood but called in many ways like witches say 3 times 3 and christians use heaven and hell and so on in the case of good and evil done.

Stefan 2009*