This Is The Art Page Of Me The Poet Stefan And My Wife Eclipse Of The Moon. (Where You Will Be Able To Buy Our Art & Books and more…)

Click Here

And for the Swedish page

Click Here


4 thoughts on “SteXenArts

  1. I checked it out and subscribed to see what happens. I like the green design and the ornaments on the HOME page, especially the lizard. 😀
    I know it takes much time to design a web page and I am excited for you and Eclipse.
    Warm feathery,
    Raven xx

    • Am glad you enjoyed the design dear Raven and it took me a day to make the look of it but it is still being worked on a bit but the cosmetic of it are finished I think :), Eclipse first did not like that image of the lizard our entrance to our home…..but I thought it looked homely and represented our home of art in a good way and Eclipse like it now I think 🙂 ,she thought the background image of her art looked bad too but I think it look perfect and artsy and I wouldn’t change it -smiles-
      And thank you for your kind words and we hope it will work out.

      Hugs from us both to you.

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