Your Soul

~Your Soul~

To whom the world nothing but golden
a shell shallow
through ages of lies
the weakness used
by them in the name of blood
But nothing is forever
and the golden calf
already on fire
melting in the view
of creation
Nowhere to hide
in the name of life
the act shown
and known
ruthless behavior
What weight on the shoulders
in the knowledge of a choice
to act in good or in evil
within the words of knowledge
life goes on
So unto whom the pact
for golden glory or
paid by every amount
your soul..

©The Poet Stefan (8th of August 2013)

In Darkness And In Light Our Moments

~In Darkness And In Light Our Moments~

For in the moments of hardship
we need to have in mind
the tale of whom we are
and in the circle we share
as everything have always a deeper darker light
at the edge of all our zones
Cling to the happy thoughts
and the world shall have a much brighter light
yet known that happiness not for granted
but when placed there like the seed it is
we need to hold it close to heart
to wipe away the shadows
Hang not yourselves to the past
ring the bell of your future
live and love
make your time count
be blessed with your harmony
No matter all fears or the hand of death
each moment your own
and the choice in your grasp
to live or to die
in the word of your time
and in this moment of now to after….

©Stefan 2013



Even in darkness another side
where the light can shine
and it is there like grabbing the knob of the door
to open it and see it
but fear is and have always been
a destructive force to our fragile minds
But anyone can break free from the stale
with a multitude of choices
just like the food you put into your mouth
to bring you energy
light the same effect but to your soul reflection
do not starve in vain
Fantasy not only a concept
as in reality we can change things
just wield your magic
the power is yours
take the steep
to the desired direction
Your way your blame
no one or nothing else
but what you do to set the motion
be good or evil
it is your choice
in peace or in war
As all it is
the creation we made
and as creators we choice
the world of tomorrow
but each to their own
to what we can live with…

The Poet Stefan

The Key

~The Key~

It is within this ocean we dwell
as the waves take us here and there
and the goal never was given but taken
by the will of the mind
to hunger or to yearn
the taste your own
To dream or within some fantasy without the key
would be like a slow death to the soul
but there is a choice and for free
the fight that is always yours
for no one else will fight your fight
for it is not theirs but your life
So turn the key or leave it stale
as the world will still go on
and time will keep going
with or without
as none more then one soul
to unlock the treasure of your life

The Poet Stefan