We all build on a line of time
creation folded neat to fit
and meant nothing more
than its living life
as passed its form
nothing in silence
Eyes looking capturing but yet hollow
as each pair itself
the journey from life to death
trying to grasp the essence
fantasy dreams of life forever
with passing years nothing more than lost
The fears of the souls the no meaning of its life
chained to lies to heal the dormant truth
of the faceless saint
the never ending believes
as each year reap yet another line of time
but blinded the fall of never
A breath to bring up the wall
of sanity
a capture away from the knowledge
created illusion
the mirror of all our

©The Poet Stefan

The Pyramid Of Illusion

~The Pyramid of Illusion~

Within there a paragraph laid dormant
and fiction pulled as a cover unto a world of imagination
and as the lizard its grip hold us true
of the war creation made holy
on broken glass
The spear through the willow of time
in what may seam as good or bad
in the treads of some god
and fanatic wilderness
blessed by restriction
To each reaction laid out fingers for slapping
and in acceptance of some overlord
as its castle grow on the bodies of the dead
in reflection of the power
the lie of all time
Like the pyramid forged steel
in the eyes who see nothing but gold
in satanic rites
made and created behind the cross
and none to behold
Wake up and find this key of deception
for human kind
and behind the wall of the illusion
the very heart of the life
we only ever knew in our dreams…

The Poet Stefan

It Is Yours

~It Is Yours~

Big as space your collected dreams
fear not the step to make a dream reality
for in the mind it might seam impossible
but the world full of possibility
and rather to place your dreams on that dusty never-land shelf
bring them to life into the breath of your life
Your heart your yearning for time but a grasshopper
soon to jump the line of its passing
wasted years a terrible sin toward the soul
or like a swallowed razor-blade
making you bleed like tears from within
leaving you to regret the steps you did not take
Save the life you hold instead of feeding it to death
as death for the rotting flesh
and not for the living soul
take a step and feel good toward it
no matter if you hit the wall
as a wall there for breaking
Believe in your way and maybe correct it on the way
see the trip started and feel your breath
this is life as life for the living and not for the dead
as you bring life or death to yourself
and remember that you have to fight
for nirvana
Your salvation lay in your own hands
leave the after for the after
and make this time of now a tasteful fruit
and in generations to come saved
the name you gave yourself
in the mouth of what you took
Fear not the words of them whom persecute
or taint your heart with lies
just laugh at it all
and be strong in your glory
as no light but the light

The Poet Stefan



Dreams the sweet house
for one nature given
liveth in this time
past the horizon
of a cold rain
Memories captured glass
fragile emotions
yet on the silver line
not yet cut
and alive
For unto whom it rest
the earth
mirrored reflection
shown in others
that final end
And its in this nature of fear
from to whom that feel
the hunger
the meaning
of life

The Poet Stefan

The Ripples In The Pond

~The Ripples In The Pond~

As we dream beyond the understanding
of things we can not comprehend
this alternate universe of another world
where our sleep connect to another reality
to where we lay the word fiction
and yet is it?
As a part in this universe we stand to the limit of it
yet its line like the ripples on the pond
each of the ripples its own creation
so when you close your eyes to dream
are you still part of this universe or another one
and think if dreams are another part of us
yet in another timeline created
whom in sleep collide with memories
Yet fiction are fiction is it not?
as we remember all this images for a moment when we wake up
to where it fades pretty quick if not holding on to it
like water through the fingers unable to save it from drying.

©Stefan 2011