In The Steps Of Time

~In The Steps Of Time~

Times mirror like the rain and the smell of old wood
captured within the world
like magick
set sails
Walking down the street
images of its sound
the past lives
echoes in the walls
This earth its paradise
the nature of life
wishes of times past
somewhere in a reflection
To the style kept within
of its fashion
lost to this time
yet kept close to heart
Lucky the hand of touch
to meet with love and life
as in it the remains
of the hunger
As in solitude
but the dark rose
where shadows throw
you down
Love is survival
and the beauty
that make us shine
to light up the darkness
Revealing the world
of our fantasy
revealing the passion
and emotion
So in every step made
the journey remain
in the heart
of love.

The Poet Stefan

Revolution Earth

~Revolution Earth~

That spear thrown through the heart of mortality
sending the fear that created anger
and the armies an axe
for the cause provoked
by the kings and the crown
And aggravation always created in the hand of greed
as peace ripped from the heart of the good
whom yearned an open world
free from the power and might of lies
made in images of gold
Its been the circle of time through ages
but in some way time have begun to catch up
to where them behind the curse thrown down forevermore
leaving the flowers to finally bloom
to show its beautiful colors
The stand of now soon to be revealed
in the eye with angels wings
its revelation revealed
blinded by the lies
the big bang the path of love
In the garden to where you can pick
without worry
where no master to steal your life
in where you own your own
free will in freedom and in love

The Poet Stefan

Sleeping Dragon

~Sleeping Dragon~

In silence deep down within the cover
of the mountain and of the green grass and its trees
the dragon sleep
A very powerful creature
that can in one breath cast a flame of destruction
yet lay there listening
Sometimes he turn in his sleep to take a breath
to where felt his presence
on our mother nature
She who is his cover of the ground above and below the mist
of his breath
our life
We who are the fragile nature created
of both good and evil
to where we take our stand
We rest in the embrace of mother nature
and on the back of the dragon beneath
his breath, the air of life

The Poet Stefan