Even in darkness another side
where the light can shine
and it is there like grabbing the knob of the door
to open it and see it
but fear is and have always been
a destructive force to our fragile minds
But anyone can break free from the stale
with a multitude of choices
just like the food you put into your mouth
to bring you energy
light the same effect but to your soul reflection
do not starve in vain
Fantasy not only a concept
as in reality we can change things
just wield your magic
the power is yours
take the steep
to the desired direction
Your way your blame
no one or nothing else
but what you do to set the motion
be good or evil
it is your choice
in peace or in war
As all it is
the creation we made
and as creators we choice
the world of tomorrow
but each to their own
to what we can live with…

The Poet Stefan

The Ultimate Dream

~The Ultimate Dream~

How strange when time come up to you
and show you the past like some stone
forged by the magic of the hands of good and evil
images like clear crystal like some fairytale
laid in the back of the head
In this forever changing world where the old die
to be replaced by new stones from them whom crumbled
the bitter-sweet reality of life to that none really ever saved
and drunk by the taste of dreams made real
the journey of the ultimate desire of forever.

©Stefan 2011