The Gate


~The Gate~

Walk through the gate of life
where a moment stand still
frozen to the mind
A day in the sun with you
with voices from our now past
to be remembered
On another day like a page in a book
amongst all our other moments
reflection of heart
My love for you
your love for me
most precious
and forever kept..

©The Poet Stefan

Signed By My Soul And My Heart

~Signed By My Soul And My Heart~

someday when the sun do not shine and the world colored grey
when the torture of the mood can hit deep
there are still you and your loving embrace my love
to take everything black away from within
your gentle touch to my soul lifting the veil
to where there are light in the dark
And in this moment where I’ve signed my love to you
that in truth my wish your love forever
to see your smile my love your happiness my happiness,
Life is a gift of love and brought into my life by your heart
my bliss my happiness lay with you and if eternity would exist
eternity this my love yours.

©Stefan 2011

The Ultimate Dream

~The Ultimate Dream~

How strange when time come up to you
and show you the past like some stone
forged by the magic of the hands of good and evil
images like clear crystal like some fairytale
laid in the back of the head
In this forever changing world where the old die
to be replaced by new stones from them whom crumbled
the bitter-sweet reality of life to that none really ever saved
and drunk by the taste of dreams made real
the journey of the ultimate desire of forever.

©Stefan 2011