In The Steps Of Time

~In The Steps Of Time~

Times mirror like the rain and the smell of old wood
captured within the world
like magick
set sails
Walking down the street
images of its sound
the past lives
echoes in the walls
This earth its paradise
the nature of life
wishes of times past
somewhere in a reflection
To the style kept within
of its fashion
lost to this time
yet kept close to heart
Lucky the hand of touch
to meet with love and life
as in it the remains
of the hunger
As in solitude
but the dark rose
where shadows throw
you down
Love is survival
and the beauty
that make us shine
to light up the darkness
Revealing the world
of our fantasy
revealing the passion
and emotion
So in every step made
the journey remain
in the heart
of love.

The Poet Stefan

The Embrace Of The Heart

~The Embrace Of The Heart~

Look through the threads of time
the fragile, the beautiful
captured in mind
Vibration of lost lives
its image to emotion
of a red rose
The old taste its smell
the life within life
the mirror to death
So very known
to a gaze forgotten
and drowned
Hang not yourself
look away from its pain
inner conversion
To where anything new the hunger
from the dormant
ground oh this world
In loves embrace
the comfort within a time
to never be lost in heart
Solitude too much dark
where madness speak
frozen cold
To their eyes known
in this fashion
we bleed
All in time
forever in time
lost in time
And to the heart
its embrace

The Poet Stefan

It Is Yours

~It Is Yours~

Big as space your collected dreams
fear not the step to make a dream reality
for in the mind it might seam impossible
but the world full of possibility
and rather to place your dreams on that dusty never-land shelf
bring them to life into the breath of your life
Your heart your yearning for time but a grasshopper
soon to jump the line of its passing
wasted years a terrible sin toward the soul
or like a swallowed razor-blade
making you bleed like tears from within
leaving you to regret the steps you did not take
Save the life you hold instead of feeding it to death
as death for the rotting flesh
and not for the living soul
take a step and feel good toward it
no matter if you hit the wall
as a wall there for breaking
Believe in your way and maybe correct it on the way
see the trip started and feel your breath
this is life as life for the living and not for the dead
as you bring life or death to yourself
and remember that you have to fight
for nirvana
Your salvation lay in your own hands
leave the after for the after
and make this time of now a tasteful fruit
and in generations to come saved
the name you gave yourself
in the mouth of what you took
Fear not the words of them whom persecute
or taint your heart with lies
just laugh at it all
and be strong in your glory
as no light but the light

The Poet Stefan

Within The Heart

~Within The Heart~

Fear not the sway of a hard wall
as time shall break through
even when it climb upon our back
it shall get lose
Remember the journey
and see how it have replaced the dark corners
maybe not every rim of its essence
but with a pure heart
Within the embrace a word of wisdom
your way lead the way
and in comfort this knowledge
of love.

The Poet Stefan

Signed By My Soul And My Heart

~Signed By My Soul And My Heart~

someday when the sun do not shine and the world colored grey
when the torture of the mood can hit deep
there are still you and your loving embrace my love
to take everything black away from within
your gentle touch to my soul lifting the veil
to where there are light in the dark
And in this moment where I’ve signed my love to you
that in truth my wish your love forever
to see your smile my love your happiness my happiness,
Life is a gift of love and brought into my life by your heart
my bliss my happiness lay with you and if eternity would exist
eternity this my love yours.

©Stefan 2011