Well made some Music today on YouTube :)

First me playing something out of the moment for fun….well I do always more or less play for fun so here is the first Video…


And here are two tracks (older tracks) that I made videos of today as well….yea I was on today I’ll guess -he he he-


and…me most crazy I’ll guess but heck fun never the less :p we can say 🙂


Oh Oh and by the way have a very Nice Friday Ladies and Gentlemen 😉





Like a dot in the middle earth
with no glue to one point
rocking steady in darkness and light
with a small sway from time to time
within a dwell
More or less the pupil fixed on direction
and dreams like a sweet cover of fiction
from sometime the grey tone
of reality yet not always the same
as its breath beautiful too
See there is hunger and a soldier within
to raise the heart
no matter if times lay a hard road
the will the soul
for in it time
The journey easier in the light of now
from a past darkness
yet the power over dominion
in the control
of the only true survivor
And in that my yearning
and eternal stone
in capturing the moment
in always hope
of yet another dream

The Poet Stefan

From Death To Eternity

~From Death To Eternity~

In that taste I do remember its bitter wine
where in the darken cover my breath
like living death
and on that journey blind to light
I begun to hate emotion
and loved the dark
Back then I would have never believed in the light
as it could not exist out of my imagination
and in that embrace my trust
But by one steep of some kind of familiar
a hand from another life so it seamed
came into my darkness
From this point the darkness begun to shatter
to lay a future path of new life
all through its heart
And it was my blessing my life
given a new where I could taste it all
and feel my heart that had been frozen
This fire through the veins
like if it never had been felt
but through dreams
And within this embrace my hand forever
for none to take it away
in this love immortal
For only one to my whole creation
this my blood through my heart
that forever bleed without an end.

The Poet Stefan

This poem is to my wife Eclipse Of The Moon ,With my love forever ~kisses And with my Loving Embrace~