The Shape Of It All

~The Shape Of It All~

Time like the arcade given moments
the spring within
a leap or a fall
in development
Opportunity to be a winner or failure
on the concrete block
never soft and always hard
for the fighting soul
Experience the lesson to learn or pass
unto whom the personality alter
this reality of now
like the image of the stone in the pond
Movements shown in the passage of life and death
in where a kind of need of creation
away from what lay behind it all
that well-known emptiness
We ride in this carriage on the roller caster
of the senses from within
reflected upon the world
our own deeds
For unto whom the meaning
in the name of light or darkness
take it without blame
for none but yourself
Unless it bleed beyond comprehension
as then it lay outside your control
and maybe there a name to place
in some higher meaning
For it is given as it are
the limits without
you know it will never save
the image from fading
History the proven map
of decade and rust
with all kinds of ripples
laid in the line of whom followed
In generations on this earth
in love and in hatred
its fingerprint
to whom we are

The Poet Stefan



Dreams the sweet house
for one nature given
liveth in this time
past the horizon
of a cold rain
Memories captured glass
fragile emotions
yet on the silver line
not yet cut
and alive
For unto whom it rest
the earth
mirrored reflection
shown in others
that final end
And its in this nature of fear
from to whom that feel
the hunger
the meaning
of life

The Poet Stefan