The Gate


~The Gate~

Walk through the gate of life
where a moment stand still
frozen to the mind
A day in the sun with you
with voices from our now past
to be remembered
On another day like a page in a book
amongst all our other moments
reflection of heart
My love for you
your love for me
most precious
and forever kept..

©The Poet Stefan

Peace Of Mind

~Peace Of Mind~

Remember that a new day will rise
when the old go to die
fear is in the heart of all good folks
fear brings emotion and love
This is not the fiction of the brave
drunken by the wild
and fear do not lead to darkness
but to compassion
Think not of the worldly expectations
as darkness may fall close unto your shadow
just be you and the light shall come when it come
be proud of your fears as it is your human heart
Keep close to mind your hunger and live for this time
waste not your energy on past darkness
run into the unknown
like the wind of summers nights
Take in every sensation and never forget the love
hold it close within you
through out your darkest moments
this breath of life
Remember you are beautiful
because you are life
and its nirvana
a growing seed for the future
Believe in yourself
keep on this road of your salvation
that one day shall lead you home
to where in knowledge of time bleed
Your dream is made your reality
in the steps you take
just like the stone in the pond
leaves its ripples
Time my friend
is knowledge of peace
and with it understanding
and at the end acceptance of the end


©The Poet Stefan

Self Created

~Self Created~

Look behind the wall of why
where the answer lay empty
look deep into its face and see
that nothingness cut your sanity
where in nothing but this created
hold this race in circles
Fiction is the escape of centuries
where in so many captured a dream
for within a dream it lay not so empty
time and its life created by the mind
and in that this will to keep
eternal its heart
As nothing but the circle in death
where the mind worth nothing
and to this nothing more beautiful
than the fiction created
within the creators mind
and made for another breath of life.

©Stefan 2011