Where The Heart Lay

~Where The Heart Lay~

In the warmth of home and closeness of love
away from all hurt of a sometime to cold world
as home closest to real fiction of the heart
beating in the beat of time
The safe haeven precious for the soul
to face this life on the outside daily life
where met all this walking passing shadows
like some blurness of a whirlwind
In the familiar truth to our time and life
to whom we closer and in comfort
for in here nothing but love
to make this wings to spread
For it is the sign of the only paradise
to feel someone there through time
as in solitude nothing but one of all the shadows
blur to that whirlwind in passing time
Love is trully immortal and the only cup whole
to hold the warmth within
and if in truth it could stand over time in one forever lifetime
nothing could ever be more the blessing to this heart.

©Stefan 2011



See the cover of the evening fall down on earth
like an embrace of mortality shown fragile
in the mind and eye of life
To my soul binded this dream of illusion
shattered by the thought of time
it’s tear the bleeding wound
The gaze of death to the numbness
in knowing the impossible wish
of immortality.

© Stefan 2009 – 2011