Well I had some time on my hands today so I made this crap :)

It is a Swenglish Translation of the cover song “En Kungens Man” -hehehe- it starts ok I think…but the end become a bit messed up…oh well I never did give a damn anyhow and this is just for fun for me….so enjoy it or not πŸ™‚

oh and have a very good day now πŸ™‚

Well made some Music today on YouTube :)

First me playing something out of the moment for fun….well I do always more or less play for fun so here is the first Video…


And here are two tracks (older tracks) that I made videos of today as well….yea I was on today I’ll guess -he he he-


and…me most crazy I’ll guess but heck fun never the less :p we can say πŸ™‚


Oh Oh and by the way have a very Nice Friday Ladies and Gentlemen πŸ˜‰