Peace Of Mind

~Peace Of Mind~

Remember that a new day will rise
when the old go to die
fear is in the heart of all good folks
fear brings emotion and love
This is not the fiction of the brave
drunken by the wild
and fear do not lead to darkness
but to compassion
Think not of the worldly expectations
as darkness may fall close unto your shadow
just be you and the light shall come when it come
be proud of your fears as it is your human heart
Keep close to mind your hunger and live for this time
waste not your energy on past darkness
run into the unknown
like the wind of summers nights
Take in every sensation and never forget the love
hold it close within you
through out your darkest moments
this breath of life
Remember you are beautiful
because you are life
and its nirvana
a growing seed for the future
Believe in yourself
keep on this road of your salvation
that one day shall lead you home
to where in knowledge of time bleed
Your dream is made your reality
in the steps you take
just like the stone in the pond
leaves its ripples
Time my friend
is knowledge of peace
and with it understanding
and at the end acceptance of the end


©The Poet Stefan

In Darkness And In Light Our Moments

~In Darkness And In Light Our Moments~

For in the moments of hardship
we need to have in mind
the tale of whom we are
and in the circle we share
as everything have always a deeper darker light
at the edge of all our zones
Cling to the happy thoughts
and the world shall have a much brighter light
yet known that happiness not for granted
but when placed there like the seed it is
we need to hold it close to heart
to wipe away the shadows
Hang not yourselves to the past
ring the bell of your future
live and love
make your time count
be blessed with your harmony
No matter all fears or the hand of death
each moment your own
and the choice in your grasp
to live or to die
in the word of your time
and in this moment of now to after….

©Stefan 2013

A Beam Of Light


~A Beam Of Light~

Through darkness came a light
bright and warm
and the sky felt again
through the land of winter
And in moments of falling
this to memory printed
like a cover of comfort
to make the sight clear
For in this light my immortality
on an angels wings
and in the image
when a wound need to heal
As time do bleed
within the heart
and darkness is so close to light
but victory held in the light
And love fills all emptiness
where without but an empty shell
where material things mean nothing
and the view of it after
And in my hands created reflection
placed into this words
a captured moment suited
this moment
A reminder of how precious
the most beautiful
the light
of love

©The Poet Stefan 2013

Revolution Is Yours

~Revolution Is Yours~

Within us a true light kept in silence
where a world seen as it should be
and it is not captured by lies
as its innocent and not touched
by the mark of the masters
whom taken almost everything
masters of the power of lies
All locked up in themselves
them with the true world in hand
waiting for a savior a salvation from hell
and as moments pass of death
through years of sorrow
no image true of its image
only dreams and wishes
Rise from the ashes
put on the wings of destiny
and throw down the evil
where the only masters the self
and togetherness of peace
a new image made of a world
to long locked away inside
Take your piece of land
fear not them whom think they can own you
for you are born free to live
and no one ever have the right to tell you what to do
in severance of others
as it is all a lie created through time
by darkest evil
And together no master to rule
together one world
together no more fear
together peace

together for our dreams
together is the true beginning of our lives…

©Stefan 2013

Observers Through Time

~Observers Through Time~

Behind a curtain of many shadows into the eye of seeing this world behind another one
in sleep its reality known
haunting in dreams
And unto whom the stories unfold
the one with the hearing ear
now this whisper
letting in the light
Changing times from the old to new
yet to you maybe the twist of the words
locked to the golden key within
to become this
Long time journey
from darkness to light
yet all of us observers
of the passing time
Life and death dance together
through you ,through me
and to whatever time may come
the heart lead the way

©The Poet Stefan 2012