Windows 10 News From Me

Am now using it as I found what the problem with the sound was…..I had to go to my manufacturers homesite and download the new Realtek driver so I could turn of the Dolby Digital surround sound…..So sound do work now and as that was the main thing for me I’m using windows 10 now…..Though the white borders are ugly and I miss Aero plus the mail program was better on Windows 8.1 plus X-Box app too worse than Windows 8.1…..One more thing I kind of liked the Start Screen with the apps in Windows 8.1 better than the apps on the start menu….You could change that in early windows 10 version but gone now and the only way to have the Start Screen now for apps is if you have a touch Screen and as a home PC User I would never use a touch Screen….so it is stupid that we can not have that Start Screen and the Menu on the desktop as the old way… apps had its place and the start menu on the desktop as in old times……….But as said the sound was my main issue so am using Windows 10 as of now…..Just wanted to let you all know who read my last post as that post sounded like there was a problem with Windows 10.

(Update Info)

Well yes there was a setting to get the old Startscreen back -my mistake- πŸ™‚ he he he…… only two things to complain about then……the new e-mail app and the x-box app…..I do not care to much of the x-box app but the -email app in 8.1 was much better and easier to see all emails at one side and to delete all mails in one boxed deletion oh okay one more thing but this is only for style pleasure to the eyes -I WANT AERO and not ugly white Boards. -Else I’m good πŸ™‚

(Update Info 2)

he he he….Strange things are at a mist as now the e-mail works….I tried a Yahoo mail app that bugged terrible so uninstalled it and after that I got into Microsoft Mail again and now all mails show up on left as I wished plus now there is a way to delete all mails in a little thing at top namned all -Weird- to say the least……plus X-box app aint so bad now……So only one thing -Aero instead of the ugly white- We want glass as in other versions of Windows πŸ™‚ but it is the only thing I have to complain about …-The Look- If the borders on windows and on web browser was glass aero as on the main bar and start menu then this Windows 10 looks pretty good to me πŸ™‚ ….well if Glass Aero come as a choice on Windows 10 Pro I’ll be satisfied as I think many would be as the glass aero look always was sweet of an choice to have πŸ™‚ oh well have a nice weekend now everybody πŸ™‚

(Update 3)

Well no you can’t use that all thing in e-mail to mark all mails for deletion……you have to go through each mail to mark them and that is not so good, in 8.1 the option to mass delete trash mails was there so why take it away in 10??….oh well so that is another thing…so it is this and Aero + color themes for Windows borders that is missing…..The dark borders in windows I have fixed myself though some theme hacking….but can’t get borders all black as then the text dissapear as the text is black -mm- maybe I can hack some resource to get text white on black borders….but this is something in my opinion a user should not have to do……Theme colors and theme changing is something that should be an build in option in my opinion πŸ™‚

Have a nice Sunday now everybody or day or night whatever and whenever you might see this πŸ™‚

(Update 4)

This an update about Windows 10 new mail service -Deleted mail keep returning back- This was not a problem in Windows 8.1 so now you can end up with deleting mail you already deleted like 3 days back in time……..SUCKS* and need to be fixed asap……..Plus they need to fix it so you can mass delete as it to suck that you need to go through crap mail one by one…..I mean come on Microsoft what the furk is this??…..Fix the System……we wan t working stuff.

Hope ye all had a sweet All Hallows Eve……Stay safe everyone πŸ™‚


My view on Windows 10

So what can I say -It is not the best Windows ever made as Microsoft says- why ….well first the sound Sucks if you look at a movie on your computer …it sounds like some cheap Screener or R5 when you look at it…..On most earlier Windows it has had good sound…..This is the reason why I removed Windows 10 as Movies is important to me…..But if your not into movies no problem…..if you do not mind the ugly white borders and the feel less fast than windows 8.1 …to me Windows 10 feel like a unfinished product…..sure you have some cool apps and new stuff….but I do not use my computer for those things….I need a stable and fast experience and this feel a bit like a Vista Misstake all over…….but if you have Windows 7 and need a uppgrade I’ll guess you can wait and see if they fix the sound issue but if you do not care of good quality movie sound then go ahead as it is atleast a free system……or maybe try Linux……..but to you who like me like good movie Sound and are still use Windows 8.1 stay on it is my recommedation as it is better….wait to next version or leave Windows for alternatives as to me Windows 10 is shit…… it is right now.

+ to mention the problem with the sound is because Windows 10 comes with a built in Surround sound with no possibility to turn it off……….something that was not in the older Windows Versions and the one that did come up with that idea should get fired as it is the worst idea by far……Who want to look at a movie sounding like a cheap Cam or R5 anyhow…….So I’ve flushed Windows 10 it will not be used by me —free or not……It is not working good….it feel unfinished and the sound sucks when looking at movies though VLC or KODI and it have worked superb on earlier versions so if you are a movie freak as me….then Windows 10 is not for you….but by all means test it out yourselves and you see what I mean……perhaps they fix it….but they need to fix a lot of things in my opinion….Windows 10 should not have been released in this condition in my opinion it is not a finished System…….

Wishing you all a good Evening.