4 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Congrats on all your rewards and I like that you have a page for it. I think I will do the same. I like the idea of putting the “About Things” and “Links to My Stuff” on a seperate page also.
    Thanks for accepting…you deserve all your awards. I like how you do a variety of blogging subjects. Keep up the good work my friend.
    Raven xx

  2. Congradulations on this Versitle Blogger Award! I am listening to While my Guitar Gently Weeps…I have always been a big Beatle fan but George was amazing and as my son says the sound of his voice brings emotion.
    Congrats again my friend.

    • Thank you dear and the track you mentioned is Eclipse Favo too and fact are that she kind of let me on to this great song and it are indeed a great song with emotion in his voice.
      Have a lovely day Raven my friend.

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